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March 05, 2016           Chef Show & Wine Dinner featuring

                                           Cote Bonneville Winery & French Cuisine by

                                            The Carousel Restaurant & Bistro

                                       Click Here For More Information     



December 05, 2015   Learn how to make and enjoy a holiday dinner                                          unlike you've ever hade before. On Saturday,                                          from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, Executive Chef Greg                                          Masset from the Yakima Country Club will teach                                          you to make an exquisite four course gourmet                                          dinner perfect for the holidays.

                                                         Click Here For More Information


November 21, 2015   Just in time for the Holidays, on Saturday,                                          from 11:00am to 3:00pm you can learn how to                                          make exquisite appetite pleasing gourmet heavy                                          appetizers with Executive Chef Greg Masset from                                          the Yakima Country Club. You will begin this                                          unique experience tasting Tanjuli wines.

                                                         Click Here For More Information


November 17, 2015   Business After Hours - The Vine Venue

                                         Come see the beautiful Vine Venue on Tuesday,                                          from 5:00PM to 7:00 PM. Enjoy appetizers by The                                          Carousel French Cuisine & Wines by AntoLin                                          Cellars & Tanjuli Winery.

                                         Also tour Skateland Fun Center!

                                                         Click Here For More Information


Aug. 10-12, 2015        This Summer's Bake & Skate Classes are Coming Soon!! 

                                                            Looking for creative and meaningful activities to keep your kids                                                                      engaged this summer? Get ready to Bake & Skate at Skateland Fun                                                              Center & The Vine Venue this  from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm! 



July 18, 2015      Tony and Linda of AntoLin Cellars

                                      featuring Chef Greg Handmacher,

                                      of the Carousel French Restaurant


June 19, 2015          Old Town Days Sponsors Reception

                                      Private Event - By Invitation Only


March 31, 2015      Wes Teslo, Wine Maker, J. Bell Cellars

                                     featuring Executive Chef Greg Masset

                                     of the Yakima Country Club


December 13, 2014   Christian Grieb of Treveri Cellars

                                         featuring Executive Chef Greg Handmacher,

                                         from the Carousel French Restaurant












Cheers and Bon Appetite!

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